Learning About Heavy Construction Equipment

Picking The Right Trailer For Your Application

When you need a trailer to haul or move something, there are a lot of things to consider. Not every trailer will do every job. If you need to move an excavator on a landscaping trailer and you don't need a low boy to haul you lawn tractor on. A little common sense and some research can go a long ways to picking the right trailer for your needs.

Deciding What Kind Of Trailer You Need

When you are ready to start considering trailers that will meet your needs but may be usable for other purposes too if at all possible. Start with the machine or equipment that you will be hauling on the trailer. You need to know that weight, length, height, and width of the machine that you will be hauling first. Now that you know what you need, you can start shopping for trailers to fit your need.

How To Haul Your Trailer

Another question you need to answer is that of how you will be hauling this trailer? The hitch or connector is going to be very important. How you choose to pull the trailer needs to be a consideration as well. Heavy trailers pull better with trucks designed for heavy loads, and a small landscaping trailer would be fine behind a properly equipped pickup or 1-ton truck. With heavy equipment, a gooseneck trailer and a semi truck make a good pairing if you are planning to haul heavy equipment. Another great option is a heavy trailer you can pull behind a dump truck that connects with a military-grade pintle hitch. The trailer will haul a backhoe, bulldozer, or small excavator on it and you have the equipment and truck in one place without having to send out multiple trucks to a job one many can do.

Buying Your Trailer

Armed with all this information, you can now make a visit to the trailer dealer and tell him what you want to do, how you will haul it and the size of the machinery that will go on the trailer. He can take that information and pick a few options out to show you. Remember this is his specialty so if he suggests something to consider, you should consider it carefully. You may have color options and in some cases, you can add options like hydraulic ramps and supports or a specific hitch on the trailer. Once you have worked out the details, the dealer will get the trailer ready for you and once you complete the purchase you can take you trailer home or to the shop and put it to work.