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Let's Talk Transformers

No, we aren't talking Optimus Prime or Bumblebee when we mention the words, "industrial transformer." Even though industrial transformers seem to possess some remarkable traits of their own, they certainly can't transform into something quite as cool as Mr. Prime himself. So, what exactly is an industrial transformer and what does it do? Let's take a closer look:

What's a Transformer?

When you look up at electrical poles you will notice a variety of different components: the pole itself, electrical wires that are strewn from one pole to another, and electrical transformers. The electrical transformers look like a big box that is located near the top of an electrical pole. A transformer is what transfers electrical energy from several sources through a process called electromagnetic induction. Transformers are essential in distributing, transmitting, and utilizing energy. 

What Types of Transformers Are There?

So, other than the obvious Transformers that we previously mentioned-- Bumblebee and Optimus Prime-- there are several types of electrical transformers that can be discussed at a later time in more detail. Different types of transformers include but are not limited to: 

Power Transformers: There are a variety of different types of power transformers. However, the main role of a power transformer is to transmit electrical power and convert the electrical voltage to help power appliances and other types of electrical devices. 

Instrument Transformers: The main purpose of instrument transformers is to safely isolate measurement while controlling circuitry from high current circuits or high voltage instruments. 

RF Transformers: RF Transformers or Radiofrequency transformers are used to help with the transmission of things such as TV and Radio antennas. Additionally, RF transformers are also used in things like microwaves to transmit the right amount of energy without overloading the microwave itself. 

How Do They Work?

Depending on the type of transformer, they work in unique ways to help transmit energy and electrical currents to and from a device. However, on the most basic level, transformers work to alternate a current in order to change an electromagnetic field which in turn creates some of the energy needed to power a device. 

As you can see, electrical and industrial transformers are all around us and help to power things such as our electricity an even smaller household appliances like our microwaves. If you would like to learn more about transformers or if you need to have yours repaired, contact an industrial transformer company near you.