Understanding The Water Needs Of Your Rented Masonry Saw

A construction equipment rental is a wonderful way to complete do-it-yourself home repair and remodeling projects without having to invest a lot of money in specialty tools that you may never use again. However, every piece of construction equipment that you rent will have its own operating requirements and quirks that you need to be aware of. When it comes to rented wet masonry saws, many of their biggest quirks are issues related to the water needs of the saw. [Read More]

Which Crane Is Best For Your Project?

Whether you are an experienced contractor or a do-it-yourself builder, you'll need heavy machinery if you're going to tear down an old house or build up a multi-story apartment complex. One piece of equipment that is makes more sense to rent is the crane. However, with so many types of crane available on the market, you may wonder which one would be perfect for your project. Of course, additional equipment to enhance performance can be rented along, but here is a list of the main types of crane that you can find on the rental market, as well as their description. [Read More]

Specific Flaws To Look For During An Inspection Of Wire Rope Used In Overhead Cranes

No matter the rated capacity of an overhead crane, the lifting strength of any type of hoist is only as good as the integrity of its lifting cable. A weakened or poorly maintained cable, which is composed of wire rope, could lead to disastrous failure that can be costly in terms of dollars and lives lost. That's why it is critical that wire rope be properly inspected. A close inspection will reveal early warning signs that failure may be imminent. [Read More]